Friday, November 29, 2013

Sweets for a Smile

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Today I snuck out around 7AM to score some deals at the mall and then ran back home to relax and start getting into the Christmas spirit. I made these gifts last year with my mother-in-law and loved the idea so much that I decided to make these take-out gift packages again. I selected a new tasty treat that requires very little work and no actual baking (score!). The best part about making a handful of these is that you can carry them around with you in your car and give them as needed. They make a great gift to the hostess at a party or to your beloved vet that takes good care of your bratty ratties or dogs.

I found these cute kraft boxes at Michaels, along with the glittery ribbon by Martha Stewart. I liked the combination of the two because it's easy, yet festive and can be reused for other holidays. My treat for this year is an amazingly delicious s'mores kettle corn mix that I found here. Enjoy and happy gifting!

What you'll need:

Take out boxes
Gift Tags (if preferred) 
Caramel Kettle Corn - home recipe here 
Mini Marshmallows
Golden Graham Cereal
Wax Paper

I decided to make the caramel kettle corn (recipe above and here) and had a good laugh with my husband as we shook up the caramel and popcorn in a grocery bag. Personally, I love the homemade recipe and it was fairly easy to make!

Once the kettle corn mix has been made, you can start putting together your gift boxes. Lining the boxes with wax paper will allow them to stay clean so that your giftee can reuse these and pass along a smile. Plus, it helps give another layer to wrap the treats up with to help keep them fresh!

Fill up the boxes and give away!

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