Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscar Review

Photo Credits: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The Oscars is like the Super Bowl to me. I anxiously wait to see what everyone is wearing and who will be the best dressed...and the worst. This year I was surprised to see that I liked many of the gowns on the red carpet. It was very difficult to narrow the dresses down, so I ended up picking my top six favorite looks of the evening.

Jessica Chastain in Giorgio Armani - Yahoo! Finally Jessica is looking like a winner on the red carpet. She's had several misses this season; however I knew that she had it in her. The gold gown is absolutely gorgeous and flattering on the star.

Louise Roe in Monique Lhuiller - The British fashion journalist and TV presenter looked so fresh and fun in this gown. It's funny because you would think lace would look dated, but the colors and fit give it a youthful feel, along with the simple ponytail.

Kerry Washington in Miu Miu - Kerry has been one of my favorites this season, especially in all of her Miu Miu gowns. She is totally rocking this dress and the color is amazing! The details on the top are stunning and she truly stood out in the crowd during the show. Major kudos to both Kerry and Miu Miu for another hit!

Amanda Seyfried in McQueen - I mean...who wouldn't look good in McQueen? Especially when it's the stylish Amanda Seyfried. Supposedly she was set on this dress for some time and I can understand why. The whimsy look is beautiful on her and I loved the fun earrings she added with the gown.

Sandra Bullock in Elie Saab - Sandra Bullock is actually one of my favorites on the red carpet, especially the gown she wore when she won an Oscar back in 2009. It was great to see her on the red carpet and this dress was stunning. The details are beautiful and she looked elegant and classic, while keeping with a modern twist.

Reese Witherspoon in Louis Vuitton - Ok, don't hate me, but typically I'm not in love with Reese's red carpet dresses. This year, she totally blew me away in Louis Vuitton. It was great to see someone in a fuller skirt and the color was vibrant and worked well on Reese's features. I also loved the small bow detail on the top of the dress.

And my favorite couple was obviously Ben and Jennifer in Gucci. Looking good you two!

Ok, now the worst. Luckily I did not have a lot to pick from last night; however one dress "offended me" as I like to say. The culprit? Helen Hunt in H&M. This dress was bad, bad, bad! The color was dull and the fit was completely off. Even worse, it was completely wrinkled! It looked cheap and was very unflattering. While I love when stars wear affordable labels out and about and on the red carpet, I do not support this choice at the Oscars! This is the big day for Hollywood to get completely glammed up and wear a beautiful gown. There are so many inspiring and talented design houses that cannot wait to dress the stars for the big day. I get that Helen was trying to be trendy, but it was a complete miss.

Who was your favorite and least favorite? Did you like any of the trends on the red carpet?