Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes Glam

Last night the Golden Globes were absolutely amazing! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did a great job presenting, the presenters and award winners were astounding and the fashion was fabulous! Seeing the fashion on the red carpet was exciting and many of the looks were eye catching and fresh. The biggest trends on the red carpet were cream colored gowns with beautiful details, vibrant reds and softer hair and makeup. The soft waves and lighter makeup was refreshing to see and I felt that the stars looked beautiful. I'm a fan of this anti stiff coif look we typically see on the red carpet.

Best dressed? By far Emily Blunt! I loved her edgy, yet elegant gown and her accessories completely made the outfit.  I also loved all of the off-white gowns. Isla Fisher looked killer and I loved her hair and make-up. Another best? Anne Hathaway in her simple, yet chic Chanel gown. Perfect for a Globe winner!

I also loved Kate Hudson's Alexander McQueen dress, talk about FAB! Jessica Alba's dress was also stunning and you may disagree, but I liked that she paired it with her funky Roger Vivier clutch. Another great dress was Kerry Washington's Miu Miu gown. What a total risk and I think that it paid off.
 Who do you think was the worst dressed? My jaw dropped when I saw Halle Berry's dress. It was awful! I could not believe that she chose to wear that dress. It reminded me of the tube top dress that was popular during college with the brightly colored prints. Definitely my pick for worst dressed!

Who were your favorites and least favorites?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Emerald City

Emerald Panton Color

The 2013 Pantone color of the year is Emerald and this trend is already taking on the fashion scene. It has been described as a "lively, radiant, lush green" and I could not agree more. We've seen so many variations of blues and melons over the past couple of years, so it is a nice change of pace to see this elegant color. I personally love the Emerald color because it can be worn for all seasons, which means that you aren't just buying clothes for Spring/Summer and Winter/Fall. The color has a very regale and rich feel, that allows you to incorporate your entire wardrobe without being overly dominant. Try adding it in with accessories along with dressing up and down the pieces. Have fun with this fabulously chic color!

Necklace - BaubleBar
Blouse - Madewell
Sunnies - Urban Outfitters
Nail Polish - Essie
Purse - Madewell
Top - Tory Burch

Emerald on the runway:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Must Have Product for 2013

Clarisonic Mia

As silly as it may sound, the Clarisonic Mia has changed my life! Maybe a bit too dramatic, but I have been extremely impressed with the latest rage in skin care. Constantly finding myself reading rave reviews, I decided that this was my big ticket item for Christmas. After the first week, I was astonished by the difference I could already see and feel in my skin. One of the best parts about the Clarisonic is that it only takes approximately 90 seconds from start to finish, which is a big deal for me. I am always looking for ways to cut down my morning routine.

I have dry/oily combo skin, which is always  a pain and with the Clarisonic my skin is not a big slippery mess by the end of the day and my dry patches are gone! I've also noticed that after my skin got used to the new cleanser, I've had fewer breakouts and black heads and my skin is extremely soft! I found that my makeup actually held up for a full day and it looks a lot fresher! Forget all of the other face washes you all use - go and invest in this amazing product! 

Helpful Hints and Tips

After research and my own personal use, I recommend that you just stick with the basic Mia for $119. The only big difference is that the other versions have several speed options. All of the Clarisonics can use the different type of brush heads, so save yourself a buck and get the Mia. The only exception is the Clarisonic Plus, which runs at $225. The Plus comes with the body brush head and is the only one that you can use the body brush with. If you see yourself using it on your body, this may be worth the money!

Another helpful tip? I have to give my mom the credit as she did the research to find where you can get a good deal on this product. After searching many sites, she found that had the best deals. I've even seen some on here for around $100!

The Clarisonic comes with your first cleansing cream to use with the tool; however refills can be a bit pricey. The Small Things blog also covers a review and actually has recommendations for more inexpensive facial products that work very well with the Clarisonic. She recommends using Hope in a Jar for Dry Skin for the night time and Clear as Day by Philosophy. I have yet to experiment with other products, but I am impressed with the Clarisonic's Refreshing Gel Cleanser. 

Image from Clarisonic

I am not affiliated with Clarisonic in any way, I'm just a big fan who has tried many products in the past and felt constantly frustrated until now.