Sunday, October 6, 2013

DIY Fall Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath

Can you tell that I am thrilled fall is here? One of my favorite things about the season is the decor! A couple friends and I got together for an afternoon of crafts, where I made this easy to-do wreath! I purchased everything from Hobby Lobby, the mecca/mothership for crafters like me! Hobby Lobby has great deals and I was able to score the wreath, ribbon and flowers for half off! I highly recommend checking out their coupons here before heading over.

What you'll need:
16" or 20" Vine Wreath
Faux Flowers in fall colors
Wired Ribbon
3-5" Letter
Hot Glue Gun and Glue

How to Make Your Own Wreath:

Begin with your base vine wreath and roughly lay out where you are going to lay out all of your pieces.

The first attached piece will be the ribbon. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon for the tails of the bow and leave extra length. Next, glue the two pieces of ribbon onto the top center point of the wreath. Hot glue works best.

You will now need to make the actual bow, by cutting two ribbons of the same length and fold in half. Once you fold the piece of ribbon in half, hot glue to the ends together to secure the loop. Then take a third piece of ribbon, cut it to be around half the length of the ribbons. This piece will act as the center of the bow. Take the middle piece and wrap it around the two loops and glue it down on the backside of the bow. Once the three pieces have been assembled together, take the bow and glue it at the top, covering the spot where you've glued down the two tails.

Once the glue has dried and you've tested the bow to ensure that it secured onto the wreath, take your letter and place hot glue on the backside of the letter where it will be touching the bow. Place it down on the middle section of the bow and press down onto the letter until it is securely glued down.

Next you will begin to place the flowers into the wreath. You will use hot glue for this step as well. Place hot glue on both the spot you will be placing the flower and on the backside of the flower. Many faux flowers have a little stem on the backside, which you will push into the wreath, which helps to hold the flowers in place on the wreath. My recommendation is to find a flower arrangement with multiple flowers and little garnishes mixed in. Make sure to alternate colors and add the garnishes as you work down the wreath. I personally went a little bit past the half way mark to show off the vine wreath's bare look.

Once all of the flowers have been placed in, cut the ribbon tails so that they go about half way down the wreath. Then bend the wiring to give the ribbon so that they have a wave look to each side. Glue down the tail on the side of the bare vine to the base of the wreath and add in a couple of smaller flowers and garnishes to hold the bow tail down to help give balance to the exposed side of the wreath. 

Voila, your wreath is complete! Hammer in a nail and place it on your front door to get into the spirit of fall!

DIY Fall Wreath

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  1. Love this wreath. Love the plaid bow. Great idea for the fall!